Sociology of the audience of France Culture

Hervé Glevarec & Michel Pinet, “France Culture A second radio for the professions of intellectual and cultural”, The Social Movement, 2007

In 2000-2001, the hierarchy of rate hearing on national radio on three weeks varies from one to three; it puts the two ends of the hearing radiophonique, France Culture – that accounts for 10 % of cumulative audience, or 1/10th of the population, 11 years and older, and NRJ, which represents 33.1 per cent of AC. The 5 066 820 listeners of France Culture about three weeks to listen to in an average of 12 minutes per day with this antenna. The duration of listening is a criterion more structuring and polarizing in the world of radio that the rate hearing. The more a radio is smaller, it is weakly monitored by their auditors; it is the situation of France Musique, France Culture, MFM and RMC. Radios which are beyond this relationship between number of viewers and duration (approximate them through to the quarter-hour average) are, in the sense of the decline of music radio stations, NRJ and Nostalgia, and, in the sense of the increase, a radio generalist, France Inter. Everything suggests that France Culture is opposed here to the big radio stations or the radio stations general practitioners in that his listening is to a majority of listeners listening to the long course rather than a daily listening and faithful.

Of 17.7 % is the rate of penetration of France Culture among executives and the liberal professions, or the percentage of individuals 11 years and older belonging to this category who listen to France Culture. By its mass, this means that 82,3 % of this category does not listen to France Culture about three weeks. In terms of penetration categorical, France Culture found its elective affinity among the elderly, the categories of retirees and executives, liberal professions, among the graduates of the superior and the inhabitants of the big cities. As we advance in age, the propensity to listen to France Culture increases. The fact of being an elderly person, an executive or a retired person, living alone, to be a graduate of the superior and not to have the television are the factors that promote listening to France Culture. All of this draws the portrait of a hearer-old, part, graduate, living alone and refractory to the tv.

On all national radio stations, France Culture is one of those which have the structure of audience to the oldest. The more than 50 years of age are over-represented, and the categories of upper and middle (craftsmen, traders, intermediary professions and employees). Finally, what are the auditors graduates who are largely over-represented in his audience.

Half of the listeners of France Culture listen to less than 1: 15 p.m. at the station on 21 days for an average duration of listening by a listener of 4 h and 11 min. France Culture presents a profile of fans from the point of view of the durations of listening. But these fans are quite in the minority.

Being a fan of France Culture

France Culture has an audience one-time majority so that his audience faithful fans, has a numerical weight small (0.9 % listen to every day, compared with 13.6 % for RTL). However, it is weight, through his listening volume. The strong listeners of France Culture, are much less numerous than those of RTL, but they have much more weight relative to the chain than those of RTL. The structure of the fans of France Culture increases the proportion of men, older people, professions, colleges and higher education graduates compared to low listeners.

The audience of France Culture has more affinity with both types of radio, radio stations general practitioners and of the public service. France Culture is a radio structurally in a position second in the sense that it does not (on average) to the first position of the investments of its listeners. Significantly, of the private radio stations such as RTL and Europe 1 are among the most listened radio stations of the listeners of France Culture. Measured in terms of the centrality of its choice, the audience of France Culture is very “made up” or ” predominant “.

Differentiate between the uses

To understand the audience of France Culture, it is necessary to distinguish between the two uses. Use very dominant, which is France Culture such as a radio second with respect to a listening, she majority, of the generalist radio stations. Use the minority, which is investing very heavily on France Culture. This last usage, which refers to what one might call a diligent or fans, does not present original profile; on the contrary, it accentuates the profile to the elite of the station

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