Sociology reports for money

Faced with the search for references on the relation to money (considered broadly) according to the social classes, I note that a large number of publications have contributed to the understanding of it in a thematic report gender, and the sociology of the couples. Among them

  • Laurence Bachmann in the money itself. The social concerns of women around their relationship to money (PURE, in The social Sense, 2009)
  • Caroline Henchoz in The couple, love and money. The construction marital economic dimensions of the love relationship (L’harmattan, coll. Sociological issues, 2008)
  • Hélène Belleau, Caroline Henchoz, The use of the money in the couple, practices and perceptions of auditors in love. International Perspective (L’harmattan, coll. Sociological issues, 2008)

A new perspective in the extension of the thesis of Viviana Zelizer on the marking of the currency (The social meaning of money, 1994/2005)1

The money in the couple is envisaged as an issue of power : under the terms of the independence and autonomy of economic and financial, sharing tasks…2

Where to find references that are more of the order of the understanding the relation to money of actors in social mobility : modes of expense ? , reports to the savings… I found the traditional references of the side of Elias (The court society, 1969), and Veblen (The Theory of the class of leisure, 1899/1970), also on the side of Janine Mossuz-Lavau, money, and us (Editions de La Martinière, 2007), without, however, be satisfied… Any ideas ?

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