Sociology will find you everywhere

My coming to sociology was a bit confusing. I did not choose sociology as a profession either in school or after it. I was going to enter and entered the philological faculty of PFUR, because I was always interested in languages. Linguistics had few chances to pass, so the choice was in favor of classical philology. I graduated one semester, and then, due to a number of circumstances, mostly financial, I had to transfer to another faculty.
This is a long time to explain, and there is no desire to advertise. The simplest and most obvious choice was sociology. Immediately had to switch to another path, and circumstances forced – it was necessary to take the session, including on subjects that I did not study. This was the first and only time when I seriously thought about using services that provide online homework help services. However, it was only a fleeting weakness. As a result, everything ended well, I got a red diploma and I never regretted this turn, especially because ethnic issues were always of interest.
The ability to “think like a sociologist” gradually came in the course of training, and especially in the course of work at the institute, where I got thanks to Leocadia Mikhailovna. Although now I’m not sure that such sociological thinking has developed, it is still a process, not a result. At the university we had excellent teachers, but the strongest impression was made, perhaps, by G.S. Batygin, the idea of ​​sociological thinking, I always rely on his lectures, the idea of ​​sociology, the manner of dealing with students and his image in general. Well, then this sociological vision began to take shape in the field work, in discussions with colleagues, etc.

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