Specific sociology

Specific to sociology, a book by Philippe Riutort (PUF, coll. “Major “, 2010)

Précis de sociologie The Specific sociology of Philippe Riutort, here is the second edition (the first dates from 2004), belongs to the class of textbooks ” encyclopedic “. Not a simple memory aid, but a true support of the course which makes the happiness of the candidates for the agrégation and the capes of social and economic sciences, students of preparatory classes… This “specific” do not play the card of synthesis, but that of the completeness, the accuracy, as its name seems to indicate. Divided into three main parts : “The sociological approach “, ” The sociological traditions. Overview of the main currents ” and “sociology” objects, this Specific has the sixteen chapters that make browsing the reader the different research areas of sociology and political science in france. Missing the anthropology and demography, but the ambition of this manual is to provide sociology.

If the approach by the major currents and themes in the second and third part is traditional in the manuals, the accurate cutting here the Story of the thoughts of sociological Jean-Pierre Delas and Bruno Milly, the tone epistemological in the first three chapters (” The emergence of sociology. The sociology and history “, ” The sociological reasoning. Sociology is it a science ? ” and ” The methods of sociology. Doing sociology “) should be noted.

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