Spot promotion grade Sociology University of Alicante

Spot promoción grado Sociología Universidad de Alicante

The Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Alicante, through the departments of Sociology I and Sociology II, and other institutions, has developed a spot enterprise to promote the degree in Sociology from the University of Alicante. This video, aimed especially at students of secondary education, summarizes the general aspects of the degree in Sociology, courses, job opportunities, interviews and internships in companies.

Know, explain, transform

Spot promotion grade Sociology University of Alicante

VOICE over: Sonia Garcia
REALIZATION: Juancar Casarrubio
YEAR: 2014

Jordi Quiñonero, Under Rope, Christian Oltra, Daniel La Parra, Malena Fabregat, Antonio Casasús, Andres Gonzalez, Veronica O. Dormouse


  • Students of the 4th year of Sociology. Academic year 2013/2014
  • Mª José Sanchís, Ramón. Fellow of collaboration (AU)
  • Technological institute of the Toy (AIJU)
  • European centre of Companies and Innovation (CEEI) de Alcoy
  • Department of Sociology I
  • Department of Sociology II

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