state-of-France – 2009-2010

The state of France, 2009-2010. A book with the editions of The Discovery (2009)

The State of France is a collective work that benefits from the collaboration of fifty specialists. 18th edition, this album shows the ambition to be ” a unique panorama, and full of France “, it is indeed the sub-title of the book. Beyond the formula, this book truly offers a chart of France rich of multiple points of view. Organized in the form of major thematic parts : The French company (major trends), Culture (major trends), Economics (Trends and conditions), Political (beyond the news), Territories (major trends), the European Union (major trends), it remains a classic style for a panorama. We note with interest the presence of a section devoted to the European Union, which has made its appearance from the previous edition 2007-2008.

Each of the parties are organized by topics : immigration, family and generations, social stratification, land use planning, social protection, sharing added value… which offer three-or four-page panoramas that are synthetic on the issue. The book is full of beautiful maps, statistical tables, and graphs, which should rejoice the teachers of his, who will be able to find material for their courses. Each article is supplemented by a short bibliography, which focus on the essential references. The authors of the articles are specialists in the subject matter. For some, they are the authors of Guides published to the discovery and devoted to the question : so Numa Murard, author of The social protection in the collection of Benchmarks is the editor of the page on “Organisation and functioning of the social protection,” Michelle Ferrand, author of the Landmarks, Feminine, masculine is the editor of the manual, ” The place of women “. In the same way, one will not be surprised not to see Philippe Coulangeon write the manual devoted to “free Time and leisure” and Olivier Donnat on ” cultural Practices “. Same for Dominique Plihon writing the plug on Capitalism ” French “, while he is the author of The new capitalism in the collection Guides.

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