Symposium on the new political forces

Coloquio sobre las nuevas fuerzas políticas

The participation of the rector of the university, Alejandro Tiana, and the professors Ramón Cotarelo, Jaime Pastor and José Ignacio Torreblanca

Tuesday may 12, 2015 will be held the debate on The emergence of we Can in Spanish politics: limits and possibilities, with the participation of the rector of the national university of distance education, Alejandro Tiana, and the professors Ramón Cotarelo and Jaime Shepherd, Department of Political Science and public Administration, as well as professor José Ignacio Torreblanca, author of the book Storming the heavens: we Can, or the policy after the crisis. The event will be presented by the dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, José Antonio Olmeda, and the director of the aforementioned department, Andrés de Blas, and will take place at 19:00 h. in the living Room of Acts of the IEO, in Bravo Murillo, 38 (Madrid).

The colloquium will be arranged around four blocks. In the first of them will seek to explain the origin and emergence of we Can and its initial success, all related to the 15-M and the disaffection with politics. Below we will analyze the ideas of the political party and its program. In this block we will discuss the positioning of the organization and the possibilities of success of your communication strategy, aimed to change the axis of competition from the traditional left-right-left to the bottom-up: the people against the elite or, in his words, “the people against the caste”.

The third block will be dedicated to the reaction of the other parties following the emergence of we Can and its consideration as a positive phenomenon by its consequences regenerative or negative by the political instability that entails. Finally, we will address the future of we Can and will discuss if the party has peaked, if Citizens depriving them of space and message and whether it is a party ephemeral or of an organization that has already changed irreversibly the political system in spain today.

Free entrance until capacity is full

The debate can be followed live via Channel UNED in the following link


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