The actors ‘ voices low. The indignity to the recognition

The actors ‘ voices low. Of the unworthiness of the recognition. A book, published under the direction of Jean-Paul Payet, Frédérique Giuliani and Denis Laforgue (Presses universitaires de Rennes, coll. “L. e social sense “, 2008)

That may have in common, homeless people, prisoners, leaders of social centres… ? These are individuals or groups disqualified deprived of recognition, weakened by a categorization of the public action which the particularized and naturalized their place in the social space, individuals are dominated, but we do not, however, deny any creative capacity, independently. The authors of this collective book proposes to define them as ” players low “. With this concept, it is to propose a new register, semantics, whose purpose is nothing less than think of a new way the relationship between a dominant – dominated. Thinking is the process of domination, this allows to put forward a variation of the states and positions, the concept of a sign to process. The term low is borrowed from Michel de Certeau, and are part of the desire to rehabilitate the building and action resources of individuals, dominated, stigmatized.

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