The bet municipalist. Democracy starts so close to you

La apuesta municipalista. La democracia empieza por lo cercano

Democracy starts by the next. Local politics, institutions nearby, the nominations directly formed and controlled by the citizens today are some of the items that have been gathered under the name of “municipalism”. Here and there you will multiply the experiences of small groups of neighbors who simply want to “change things”, and to that end begin with what is nearest to you. It is a political project of the government, but resigning to the “party”, to the great organization structured by a particular ideology and subjected to a discipline pyramid. Its purpose is more immediate; it consists in returning reality to that identity between rulers and ruled that was the original definition of democracy, and this is where this should begin, where the two terms come to coincide in the same people. Your purpose could be to appoint, therefore, with the word self-government.


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The Observatorio Metropolitano of Madrid is a collective hybrid of research and policy intervention, formed by activists and professionals from different fields. Its main purpose is to offer a synthesis of criticisms about the main lines of transformation of the contemporary metropolis. It is a work unfortunately abandoned by the greater part of the academic work and institutional, but that it is extremely urgent to undertake any action democratic politics worthy of the name.

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