The companions of The Tour de France

Men of Duty. The companions of the Tour de France (Eighteenth-Twentieth century), a book by Nicolas Adell-Gombert (Editions de la Maison des sciences de l’homme, coll. “Ethnology of France “.

The companions…the term imprecise conceals a reality that is poorly known, in the plural, it reflects a traditional history, of ancestral knowledge. Be a companion today, this is not to choose a course of vocational training as another, it is to choose the union of traditional knowledge and modern techniques, the commitment within a company, the choice of a teaching practice and philosophical. His gaze focused in the work of Nicolas Adell-Gombert on the companionship asks the following question : what is to be a companion ? This involves asking how one becomes and how the rest is. The question of the identity of this group is posed with even more acuity, that the companions are what Bourdieu called in 1979 in The Distinction of ” group borders “.

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