The Construction of the Social Processes Elementary

La Construcción de los Procesos Sociales Elementales

The thesis progresses. And then, and as a way in addition to publish something on this site, we present the version 0.1? one of the three parties that currently have the thesis (in fact the one in the middle). Missing a lot of things -editions, complete with arguments, comments, add most of the literature, but there are already at least a text.

Which, of course, is a little ambitious. The idea is to develop a general theory (as if the name of the entry does not let him in of course). An exercise that does not only is not common for our area, but that is often maligned (friends as we tend to be of particularism). Part of the bet is that precisely you can have theories that universally recognize the relevance of the particular in our disciplines.

The first part, which I hope to upload a first version too soon, it falls to an examination of how sociology looks at itself (for, fundamentally, to argue that the situation is not as negative as many of the visions set). The last part is, finally, to show that all of the above discussion may help to illustrate some parts of the world, specific social -and is a research on self-employed workers in these latitudes. And all of this is called, even more pompously, the reconstruction of social analysis. It is true that the names may not arrive safely to the presentation of the thesis, but hey that’s life.

And here is the link.

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