The cut-off. The excision or the identities of painful

The cut-off. The excision or identities, painful, work of Christine Bellas Cabane (La Dispute, 2008)

The debate around female circumcision raises passions. Between those who adopt a neutral position in the name of respect for cultural differences and those who see the parents of the girls, circumcised as barbarians, Christine Bellas Cabane is in this book published, not without reason, to the editions of The quarrel, the middle way between the two positions. She offers a book that is informed, respectful of the positions of the advocates and opponents of female genital cutting, and always moderate in his remarks. Measured in his remarks, the judgment of the author, however, is very clearly displayed, which is located on the side of the need to protect the girl child against fgm. The book is a narrative and not an essay, as the note itself, the author, a story based on his memory of DEA, therefore, scientifically framed, but also contribution to a debate. The author has willed it to be accessible to a wide audience, and it is a successful bet, without the content being distorted.

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