The discrediting of sociology given by Pierre Bourdieu

Bourdieu, Pierre, Sketch for a self-analysis, Reasons for acting editions, 2004


One became a “philosopher” because they had been devoted and dedicated in ensuring the prestigious status of ” philosopher “. The choice of philosophy was thus a manifestation of the insurance statutory which reinforced the assurance (or arrogance) statutory. More than ever in a time where all of the intellectual field was dominated by the figure of Jean-Paul Sartre.


Even the most “liberated” of the spirit of caste, such as the Foucault theory of post-sixties power, the border with the social sciences, and especially sociology, remains socially impenetrable. Perceived by laymen as similar in its object of a kind of journalism, the sociology is also devalued in relation to the philosophy by its appearance of vulgarity scientist, or a positivist, that is never seen, as well as when it touches upon the beliefs of the most undisputed of the intellectual world, such as those relating to art and literature, and it threatens to “reduce” (one of its effects or harms of the most regularly attributed to the” sociologisme”) the sacred values of the person and the culture, therefore, the value of the intelligent person.


There is no better measure of disrepute structural including sociology, like all that participates, is struck, in the intellectual world, that the comparison of the fate that he is actually the lesser writers, or philosophers ‘ aspiration to grow objectively and subjectively expressing all the contempt carried well he is) with the treatment which is accorded to psychoanalysis, which she shares yet some important features, such as the ambition to make the account scientifically for human conduct.


The transformation of my vision of the world that has accompanied my transition from philosophy to sociology, and that my algerian experience is without doubt the critical moment, is not, as I have already said, easy to describe, probably because it is made of the accumulation of insensitive changes which have been to me little by little, imposed by the experiences of life or that I have made for the price of a lot of work on myself, inseparable from the work that I conducted on the social world. This reorientation intellectual was heavy with social implications: it is accomplished in effect through the transition from philosophy to ethnology and sociology and, within the latter, rural sociology, located in the lower in the social hierarchy of the specialties, and the renunciation of elective involved in this negative shift in the hierarchies would probably not have been as easy if it was not accompanied by the dream confused reintegration in the home world.

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