The effect désenchanteur of sociology

Pierre Bourdieu, Responses, Threshold, 1992, p. 169

“It is true that sociology has an effect désenchanteur, but the scientific realism and political that it assumes and reinforces avoids fighting where there is no freedom – this is often an alibi of bad faith – so as to occupy fully the places of real responsibility. If it is true that the sociology, and, perhaps most especially the one I practice, can encourage the sociologisme as submission to the iron laws of the company (and this even if his intention is exactly the opposite), I think that the alternative that was Marx between the utopianism and the sociologisme is quite misleading : there are established, between the resignation sociologiste and voluntarism utopian, to a utopianism raisonné, that is to say, a use politically aware and rational limits of freedom granted by a true knowledge of the law social and especially of their historical conditions of validity. “

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