The ethnography of economic

The ethnography of economic. A book of Caroline Dufy and Florence Weber (Discovery, al. “Repères “, 2007, 122 p.)

This work complements that of Philippe Steiner presenting in the same collection the economic sociology. Thus, the economic sociology is more interested in social relations between economic agents with alternative key of reading that those of the economy. The ethnography of economic resumes the question in general, but with a more inclusive approach and focused on the methodologies specific to anthropology and ethnology. The ethnography of economic is also developed in the 1980s at the time of the questioning of the sharing discipline between anthropology dedicated to the study of traditional societies, and the sociology proper to western societies. This movement has not necessarily strengthened the anthropology in France, which runs through an institutional crisis. The ethnography of economic, then, is presented more as a posture crossing of different disciplines (anthropology, sociology, microhistoire, economy), returning to the idea of Talcott Parsons a Great division between economics and sociology, using qualitative methodologies are complementary. This plasticity is, in fact, according to the authors, an approach particularly suited to the analysis of the economy, ” multiple and overall born in 1989, with the end of the cold war “.

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