The future of capitalism. Salvador Giner

Becomes more or less a year, the sociologist Salvador Giner published his book The future of capitalism, A review of capitalism and its recent history. Recovered today the interview I did on the program To all The 2 and a review:

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El futuro del capitalismo. Salvador Giner

A review of capitalism and its recent history.

A provocative essay of an original thinker.

“What future for capitalism? If it does, what will it be? After the current economic recession, do we wait for other, worse maybe? What are the chances that an economic order other than replacing it? What is the probability that sink? If, instead of this acaezca, evolves without collapse into something different to what until now has been, what will be the new face of the world? What will be the impact political, environmental and cultural-of such a move? What will become of the opulence that capitalism has created for some and the misery that it has generated for others? Do you know the humanity to tame the logic of uncontrolled development that, to destroy our natural environment, leading us towards the abyss, the irreparable damage of their own future?”

(Salvador Giner)


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El futuro del capitalismo. Salvador GinerSalvador Giner, professor of Sociology, University of Barcelona, has taught at the Kings College (Cambridge) and at the universities of Puerto Rico, Reading, Lancaster, Brunel, West London, Yale university and Pompeu Fabra university. Has held positions of responsibility in various national and foreign bodies related to their specialty. His publications include History of social thought, Contemporary Europe (I and II), The progress of the Consciousness of Sociology, Mass Society, The Corporate Society, Essay civil, Spain: society and politics (co-author), Religion and society in Spain (co-author), modern Forms of religion (co-author) and the Charter on democracy. He is also coauthor of: Universality and difference, Dictionary of Sociology, and a Manual of civics. He is currently President of the Institut d’estudis Catalans, the academy of sciences and humanities.


Review by Desirée Rubio De Marzo | Responsible for Communication Issues Peninsula

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