The international development agenda after the year 2015

We are in the year in which they debate the prompt renewal of the Millennium Development Goals. An issue that is monopolizing legitimate interest of the international political agenda in what development is concerned, but that does not necessarily exhaust the most relevant issues that have been discussed in the international sphere.

Two major issues that mark the reality of the planet and the human species that 15 years ago were not addressed or considered appropriately occupy a central place in the agenda: environmental sustainability, is highly threatened by the effects of climate change, and economic inequality, which has soared in all geographies.

In a context like the present in which it is essential to address the issue of the challenges of the international development agenda, we go into the debate on the development agenda post-2015.


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Presentation Jaime Atienza
  • 1. Questions about the future of international aid. José Antonio Alonso
  • 2. Finance for development in a changing world: What future awaits us?. Nuria Molina-Gallart
  • 3. The food and nutrition security in the post-2015 framework. What change of direction or more of the same?. Lourdes Benavides de la Vega
  • 4. Perspectives on trade and development in the world post-2015. Javier Pérez González
  • 5. Sustainability in the context of post-2015.Cecilia Carballo
  • 6. Some reflections economic and not so economic. Alberto Acosta
Open Platform
  • 1. Unemployment and precarity of the masses. Elijah Locked Crende
  • 2. What families multiproblemáticas or multiproblematizadas? Stigma individual accountability social. Joana Maria Mestre Miquel, Charlotte’s Partner Puyol and Fernanda Caro White
  • 3. Localism, globalization, and human development. An alternative vision to capitalist globalization. Alfonso Dubois
  • 1.Considerations and perspectives on the Development Agenda Post-2015
Book reviews
  • 1. Does the richness of few benefit us all?. Alessandro Gentile
  • 2. Participation for inclusion and social transformation (Discussion Forum 2).Lorena Gomez-Platero Marble
  • 3. Make it possible: proposals for Oxfam for the post-2015 framework.Intermon Oxfam


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