The malaise of democracy: disaffection policy

At a time of growing social and political unrest, in a society broken by the jolts of the corruption, we want to contribute our grain of reflection on the extent of our possibilities publishers. This monograph aims to give an account of this situation, from a perspective of multiple and complementary: the presentation of data about the quality of the Spanish democracy, the contextual analysis of the disaffection, the sphere of civil society (engagement, practices, social networks, gender) and the degree of consistency of the covenant the constitutional and the judicial system as guarantor of social cohesion.


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Presentation: Victor Urrutia Abaigar


  • 1. The Spanish democracy as assessed by experts (2008-2014). Modesto Escobar and Braulio Gómez
  • 2. The disaffection to the fray: crisis, austerity, and the cycle of protest. Enrique Gil Calvo
  • 3. The sources of socio-political engagement, historical vicissitudes and the emergence of a subject glocal. Julio Alguacil Gómez
  • 4. The do Not represent us, Yes you can. The emergence of new spaces of citizenship from community participation. Manuel Basagoiti Rodríguez and Paloma Bru Martin
  • 5. The hypothesis cyber-politics: a critical approach. César Rendueles and Igor Sádaba
  • 6. The gender policy and the gender policy. Mary Wild
  • 7. The justice and the breaking of the covenant of the constitution. Diego Iñiguez Hernandez

Open Platform

  • 1. Paradoxes in the study and the intervention of poverty and social exclusion: reasons for a paradigm shift. Nuria Espeleta Fernandez and Juan David Gómez-Quintero
  • 2. The Social Work Community at the local level: the role of collective and new realities of coexistence. Mª Dolores Rodríguez Álvaro
  • 3. To characterize the management of water resources in rural schools in the semi-arid alagoano: proposal of an evaluation model. Javier Mazorra Aguiar, Maria Perez Sound, Light, Fernández García, Andrea Ventura and Julio Lumbreras Martín


  • 1. Three reports on the Spanish Cooperation to the Development in 2013

Book reviews

  • 1. Liberal order and social unrest. Wage work, social inequality and poverty.
  • 2. Public policies to reduce child poverty in Spain: impact analysis.
  • 3. Why austerity kills. The human cost of the policies of the crop.


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