The “Mind trapped” Abel Ros

“El pensamiento atrapado” de Abel Ros

Since the announcement of the end of terrorism, the reality of social and economic policy has changed in Spain. In three years, the new social demands of outrage against the institutions, the fight against unemployment and against the impoverishment material the society does not find a way of channeling to convey a new alternative transformative. We are fully aware of the problems and social realities, but we don’t have the solution, not yet. From here stems The “mind trapped”, the analysis of the situation, the criticism of the world around us as a starting point for overcoming. “Thought caught” is a selection of the best articles published during the last three years on the blog in The Corner of Criticism. All of them, selected by overcoming the moment of today and to propose, shelling and above all criticism from the intellectual base of the author. I hope the book will allow, collectively, generate proposals for overcoming economic, social, and ethics required by the country.

It is clear that Spain was offered as a gift to herself and sold the rest of the world, triumphalism is exaggerated in the final throes of the TWENTIETH century and early TWENTY-first century. Or our Transition had been so wonderful and short, or our “economic miracle” had other foundations that tourism, the brick and the easy credit and cheap. It is also clear that the world of the TWENTY-first century starts to seem dangerously close to 30 years, both by the fierce economic crisis as by the rise of religious fundamentalism and nationalistic. Although not all the news is bad: the globalisation and the increasing speed of the Internet is allowing, to the many who are not resigned, and the levels of freedom of expression never before known in the history of mankind. It would not be the first time that the people, through first of its protest and after his open rebellion, to change the course of things.

Blogs, websites, and social networks in the cyberspace allow citizens as Abel Ros, the author of this “thought caught”, transmit independent information, analysis and the views they wish to share. It is a conquest formidable of the civilization to which the powerful intentean put doors or take advantage of them. Even so, allow me to insist: never in the history of mankind so many people had expressed with so much freedom on such a wide variety of issues. The voice and the word are no longer the privilege of a few, but hundreds of millions of people use to-the-minute on the Internet.

Excerpt from the Foreword of the book by Javier Valenzuela


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About the author:

“El pensamiento atrapado” de Abel Ros

Abel Ros is a professor and Spanish writer (Callosa de Segura, Alicante. 1974) and author of the blog El Rincón de la Critique, a space dedicated to the critical reflection. Your articles are on subjects related to sociology, politics, economics, philosophy, anthropology, law… The Corner of Critique manifests itself as a cultural reference to the criticism of a free, plural and independent.

He collaborates as a columnist in the following media:

  • Column “From the critics”: the Journal TWENTY-first Century
  • Columnist: The
  • Columnist: New Stand
  • Column “The myth of the word”: Montilla Digital
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