The new reality. The economism of the consciousness quantum

La nueva realidad. Del economicismo a la conciencia cuántica

Kairos: a time indeterminate in which something important happens.

Kairos comes from the ancient Greek philosophy and represents an undetermined time in which something important happens, a “change of direction”, for example, in the course of the stars. The term kairos came to stand for the “right time”, a privileged opportunity that suddenly open up new paths and possibilities.

The moments of kairos are moments of particular intensity which mark the course of the conversations, the days and the life. Jordi Pigem the course of our adventure on Earth starts now a kairos, a great transformation of which they are a part of our multiple crises, both those that have to do with the ecology of the planet, the global economy, institutions obsolete, crisis of knowledge and human values, etc

The path of expansionism that has guided the course of civilization for millennia now culminates and comes to an end. Not the end of civilization, but the end of that path. […]

We live a unique moment, a kairos. the more we understand its meaning, the better prepared we will be to guide us through its turmoil and emerge into a new reality.

(pp. 13-14)

The new reality integrates with rigor physics, economics and neuroscience, areas where there is increasingly more interest.

The crisis of the world today reflect a profound transformation of consciousness and of reality. Is crumbling, a world that is outdated that puts money ahead of people and the abstractions ahead of life. But at the same time, a new reality, stealthily, is being born. In the last hundred years of quantum physics and other areas of knowledge we have been showing that the world is not as we thought. It is not made of objects but of relationships. Is best understood with the language of the imagination, the creativity and the heart than with the laws, formulas, and concepts.

Today, we live between two worlds, between two realities. The author analyzes the contradictions of contemporary economics as a case in which everything that does not work in the old paradigm, in the old reality, and leads us to the new reality fascinating, that today reveals to us the physics and neuroscience. A new reality that is no other than that which they had already anticipated the wise men of many cultures and eras, and which today leads us toward a more just society and a more fulfilling life.


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Interview to Jordi Pigem in For All The 2 on “The new reality”

La nueva realidad. Del economicismo a la conciencia cuántica Jordi Pigem, the economic crisis


Brief review on Jordi Pigem

La nueva realidad. Del economicismo a la conciencia cuántica

From 1998 to 2003 Jordi Pigem was a professor in the Masters in Holistic Science of the Schumacher College of Dartington and the University of Plymouth (England). In recent years he has been a visiting professor at the University of Barcelona and speaker at various universities, including Columbia, Oxford, and Venice.

He is the author of several books, among which stand out The odyssey of the West, Good crisis, GPS,Spirituality and politics and The new reality, all published by Kairos.

In addition, coordinates the Catalan edition of the Opera Omnia Raimon Panikkar. Already between 1995 and 1996 he was assistant of Raimon Panikkar in the publication of their works.

Received the Award of Philosophy of the Institut d’estudis Catalans (1998) and the Essay Award of Resurgence and the Scientific and Medical Network (2006).

In addition, as a journalist specialized in the paradigm of ecological, has been the coordinator of the magazine Integral , and editor of the collective work as a New Consciousness: fullness personal and planetary balance for the TWENTY-first century. Collaborates with, among other means, COMRàdio, Resurgence (magazine dean of the ecology in English), Agenda Alive and in The Forefront.

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