the relevance of Basil Bernstein

News of Basil Bernstein. Knowledge, pedagogy and society. A book, published under the direction of Daniel Frandji and Philippe Vitale (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, November 2008)

The work of Basil Bernstein, this is the first, in particular, the studies gathered in Languages and social classes, which are the most well-known. If we know that the key question in this work is to understand how do the educational differences statistically observed, in a perspective of sociolinguistics, it ignores the more often that Bernstein has extended its domain of empirical investigation and the trial of social learning as a whole.

News of Basil Bernstein. Knowledge, pedagogy and society should address this invisibility. The contributions collected in this book enables us to better identify the contours of a life of research, and give all the measure in the heuristic character of the sociology of Bernstein, whose contribution is too often limited to his work of the 1960s. The book News of Basil Bernstein. Knowledge, pedagogy and society, is the product of an international symposium, which was held in Lyon in 2007 and was titled “social Issues, knowledge, language and pedagogy” : it incorporates and extends the communications that have been given, on the occasion of the French translation and the publication of the last work of Basil Bernstein, Pedagogy, symbolic control and identity (2007).

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