The Republic and its territories. The traffic invisible wealth

The Republic and its territories. The traffic invisible wealth. A work by Laurent Davezies (Seuil, coll. “The Republic of ideas “, 2008, 10,50€)

Globalization is widening the economic and social inequalities between the French regions ? The well-performing regions in the economic level are they also in matters of redistribution and quality public goods provided ? The cities have eclipsed definitively rural and peripheral areas of the economic area national ? Here is an overview of the issues addressed in this book, and the answers to which are breaking with positions obsolete that are still widely disseminated. This result is obtained thanks to an analysis by mobilizing both conceptions of geographical, social and economic. The author compares the results for the territories using the concepts of growth and development. These findings are surprising since it is apparent that the level of development and the growth of the French regions are not correlated. In other words : “the places of growth are not necessarily those of the well-being : they are not the most attractive from the point of view of choice of residence, or those who struggle more effectively against poverty, or those where per capita income has increased the most quickly “.

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