the rules of The sociological analysis

In reality, this is nothing more than a rehash. I had originally organized, edited and expanded several posts on the methodology that we had made on this blog in a series of posts about the rules of analytic method in the social sciences. And once posted these, we organized, by editing and enhancing the text.

Eventually we produced a small article on this on Scribd and now it’s called the rules of The sociological analysis (where, for a reason that still do not manage to unravel, the text is centered instead of justified, but in the end, I’m not going to make a claim for a service that allows me to upload articles free to disseminate them as I’d like). Now, finally, all forms is a trap. Of course I will continue to edit the text. It is always a pleasure to write the ideas that one have, for most children who are.

Do you have a lot of sense? Nor the slightest idea. I’ve never known if writing texts useful for the reader, but for the one who writes it will always have utility. It is the same as the classes: the more you learn is always the teacher.

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