The school expanded, the documentary

La escuela expandida, el documental

How many times have you felt that if you knew “something”, “something” could change your life radically? What would you like to know how to do and you never found out who I explain? How many things you can teach your friends that can help them? Do you know someone who knows how to do something “valuable”, “funny”, “special”?

This documentary, co-produced by ZEMOS98 Gestión Creativo Cultural and Intermedia Productions, tells of the experience at IES Antonio Dominguez Ortiz (located in the barrio de las Tres Mil Viviendas de Sevilla) during the development of the workshop of Bank of Common Knowledge of Platoniq in the International Festival ZEMOS98 – 11th edition. A critical and challenging to the interior of the traditional education system, a question in form of answer: “education can happen at any time, any place”.

The school expanded

If the education it is incumbent upon us all, then this is a story for all audiences. Other educational processes are possible, if we expand. Starting with this story and following your.

A project designed by ZEMOS98:

Proposal story:Ruben Diaz

Script and direction: Julio Sánchez Veiga

Music: Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca

Production: Blanca Garcia, and Patricia M. King

Photo: Alejandro G. Salgado and Julio Sánchez Veiga

Mounting and graphic design video: Kiko Romero

Sound Engineer: Andrés Zoilo

Executive production: Felipe G. Gil

Associate producer: Miguel Paredes

With the participation of:

IES Antonio Domínguez Ortiz

Susana Noguero and Olivier Schulbaum,

Ruben Diaz and Patricia M. King, of ZEMOS98

Bank of Common Knowledge is a project of

Sript and camera Assistant:

Virginia Perez

Documentation and research:


Assistant of editing:

Maria Rodriguez


Mariano Sharp

Color correction:

Jon Egaña

Mounting and sound mix:

Felix Vazquez

Graphic design

Ricardo Barquín Molero

Camera equipment:


Sound equipment and lighting:

Intermedia Productions

Editing room

Intermedia Productions

We want to express our thanks to: Joaquín González González, Aurora Romo Redondo, Rocío Pérez Sánchez, José Manuel Cortez Montes, Jennifer Garcia Perez, Jessica Looks Richarte, Raúl Montenegro Heredia, Alejandro González Jiménez, Antonio Carmona-Moreno, Isaac Sanchez White, Reuben Gabarri Babb, Cristian Ruiz Matos, Francisco Navarro Molina, Roberto Míguez Sánchez, Inmaculada Domene Núñez, Vanesa Moreno Piera, Manuel Pérez Báñez, Rafael “the Loggerhead”, a Dove, and Guillem Jara, Elena and Chari, Juan José Granados Fernandez of the Rivers, Manuel Sanz Ortiz, Antonio Gómez Fernández, Esther Cotes (, Antonio Miñán, the Commissioner for the Polígono Sur, the University Residence Flora Tristan and, in particular, Juanjo Muñoz, and the IES Antonio Domínguez Ortiz.

ZEMOS98 is a team formed by:

Pedro Jimenez

Ruben Diaz

Felipe G. Gil

Sofia Coca

Juan Jimenez

Ricardo Barquín

Alberto Garcia

Patricia M. King

Paloma Sanz

and other partners possible

A co-production of ZEMOS98 Gestión Creativo Cultural and Intermedia Productions


Creative Commons Spain. Recognition. Non-commercial 3.0


The International Festival ZEMOS98 is produced by ZEMOS98 – Management, Cultural Creative, concerted with the Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville (ICAS), has the support of the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ), the International University of Andalusia, the regional ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, Program Start, the Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean, the Ministry of Culture (ICAA), the ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprise and Project Lunar Seville, Delegation of Youth and Sport of the City of Seville, Universidad Oberta de Catalunya (OUC), Cultural Service of the Embassy of France, RTVA, Cajasol and caja madrid were

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