The social language of emotions

The social language of emotions. Studies on the relationship with the body and health

A book, published under the direction of Fabrice Fernandez and Samuel Lézé and Hélène Walk (Economica, 2008)

The social language of emotions is a collective work which has for ambition to propose an alternative paradigm in sociological dominant in the field of health. From case studies of limited and diversified, relating to the management of health, for the support of cancer patients, of psychosis or elderly people, it is for the authors who contribute to this collective describe the production and the social construction of emotions. What is the role of emotions in the world of health care ? In what conditions are they mobilized or recovered ? It is the analysis of emotion work produced by lay persons and professionals in the course of their interactions, which is chosen as the route of entry into the study of the social construction of emotions. The hypothesis that guides the book is that according to which the emotional activity is a real work, since it ” requires a completion time to form a specific dimension of the relationship to others “. In the universe of care, emotion work involves both the control by the care-giver of his own emotions and the desire to induce in the patient emotions work-related care.

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