The sociology in locomotion collective

Some advantages you have to hate the automobile, and not to have any (now for economic reasons, but for the pleasure of fact). At least, I think that has to sociologists.

Because you have to recognize that listening to the conversations and the situations in locomotion collective never ceases to be interesting. From the Transantiago, to discussions on segmentation of youth groups (I remember a long listen at Tobalaba to a couple of teens on the ‘cuicas andean’), passing by street musicians who throw peroratas and tell us of your web site (unfortunately, do not write down the name); there is much to see and to listen.

It would be quite useful once I made case and I really agenciara a tape recorder to travel in micro and metro. And perhaps we should analyze why the micro works much better for listening daily to the metro, which is a means of transport is silent.

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