The sociology of The Broken

La sociología de El Roto

Source: Fourth Power | By Julian Sauquillo

Alfonso Ortí, among the best sociologists of Spain, says that The Broken is the best sociologist existing

Every morning, without fail, The Broken, sharp eye, tears the reality. Vapulea coldly that substance that is presented to us, from politics and the economy, as inevitable. The hits to leave her in a story that we had believed. It does so as a painter sober adapted to the quadrilateral of The Country where looking for the KO to the social injustice. But also as a sociologist good fajador. Alfonso Ortí, among the best sociologists of Spain, says that The Broken is the best sociologist existing. And it is not for less. But the sociology of The Broken it is, even, a antisociología. This guild quantifies, measures and weighs up the “reality” to explain it with strict laws that serve to predict. Sociologists celebrate their repetition orchestrated. While The Broken looking for the Achilles heel of this slab social that we bury. Intended to not occur again. He warns us that only an unbeliever can shake off the reality of above. The society does not respond to some universal laws, would seem to indicate. The magma that surrounds us, in their eyes, appears versatile, changeable, fickle. You can acquire many forms. Depends on our anger, warns every morning, that come all as or let us build us differently. To break the tombstone with that we try to bury, it invents an image every day. So dismantles the spy surveillance, the court servile, mass consumption or the popular frustration. In this way, cleanse our eyes to see, open, what is going on.

Interprets and turns around to give us a new version, more critical. It is far from having a complete theory about the society, or in the radio interviews where we we have heard. As the classics of sociology, gives glimpses of everyday phenomena up to complete the vision. Sometimes, it is internal in what is going on. Other, strikes at the foundation of our centuries-old obedience. On the basis of impressions completed the great picture of the world. But it is neither an impressionist painting ballerinas or a watercolourist point marine. His tone grim is scary, and its vision is radical. Seems to be a master of humor kafkaesque.

Not maintained by compromises with “reality.” But, in addition, Andrés Rábago García, who gives life to The Broken, it is a personality civic very serene. A character very quiet, almost mystical, desmanda each morning with the pencil and the brush to not leave puppet head. The entrepreneurs, the politicians, the cut flattering, the media, the priesthood, ultra, the very respectable they are covered relentlessly. But his stoic intelligence, prevents them from being someone angry. And far from being a marginal, exploited, every day, in the middle of where you cook everything.

So many bullets morning have ended up giving us a vision of pathos, of our existence. But never throw in the towel. Always advised to be on guard for the magnates of the economy, the rulers and the sycophants of power does not we go our suffering life as a necessary and deserved. The financial sacrifices that we suffer are not the chastisement of our gluttony. Are the consequence, in his view, the waste and corruption of public atajados by political institutions poorly governed.

The epicenter of your earthquake is the hub of public life. Now, he exhibits in the gallery, The Black Box, until the eighteenth of January, his reflection on the snobbery of the art in the gallery, the artists and the public. The series “Oh la, lArt” presents an “art” at the service of the best bidder. In the end, all those involved in the creation from the spectator, the exhibitor, through the critical match in a closed circuit to convert any original outbreak, for difficult, in a consumer product “pret a porter”. The infernal world of art does not escape anyone. His two latest publications –Shrimp that sleeps (goes to the current opinion)(2012), and To each his own (2013) (both at Random House Mondadori, Barcelona)- are an excellent presentation of his daily style, which can be completed with the catalog of the exhibition, Oh, l’art (Books of the Red Fox, Barcelona, 2013).

As a painter, The Broken remember the Constantine Guys who painted tirelessly just notes to catch in time the trepidar of daily life. Far from scaring away the prey, Andrés Rábago García stalks her until he falls into his sight. It seems lie that will not fail your imagination, to bullet daily and year book. Turn upside down to all the topics of the social and political obstruct our understanding of things constantly. The manipulation of the masses and the sanctification of poverty are two common locations core of our vexing world, dismantled by The Broken. The poverty and the humiliation of the weak are, in his view, the correlative of the opulence of the rich. The Broken paint in black and few colors, a universe ever more explosive: adolescents who ask for flammable material to the Magi, an order dictated to the beat of genitals and batons, a work exploited by holding the ostentation of luxury or institutions that are deciduous in order to avoid the misery more obscene.

The Broken will examine the fragility of the wild world in which we live: “the debris maintain the facade”. Our solid world, to the view marxist of The Broken, fades into the air. By his drawings, she walks the repertoire of the worst vices and excesses of society: the contempt of the education, the greed, the interest dark of the leaders, the helplessness before the sharks economic, the global empire of the economy by agencies masked, the wickedness with the young unemployed, the order sustained on the mere strength, the microwave-transmitted reports of the rich, the authoritarianism, the mental manipulation (religious mainly) and the blindness political to the social demands. Oh, if George Grosz lifted the head!… Would love to The Broken. Share the rejection of a world that is obsolete and humiliating that is undermining what is left of democracy.

And yet, nothing could be further from The Broken who want to anestesiarnos. With a scalpel subject to an excellent pulse, dissects constantly, a reality that can not be more flagelante for the majority. Guts as vexing as fragile daily chaos. So we see clear and straight. At least, until you turn the page.

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