The surface of the housing according to the social category

A quick tour through the Observatory of inequalities is always instructive. Evidenced by these data that I take on this site

The inequalities in housing are strongly linked to income and therefore to the social class : the higher the income is, the more one can stay comfortably. On average, the workers have 30 m2 per person compared to 43 m2, craftsmen, traders and business leaders.

A social category is equivalent, several factors may substantially change the conditions of accommodation : age and family composition, but also of course the geographical location. A framework parisian must have income well above a living framework, in a medium-sized town of the province to obtain the same surface. And wages only partly offset differences in the cost of rent or m2 for sale.

The housing conditions of young adults are most often more precarious : housing smaller and less comfortable, as evidenced by this other ticket to the Observatory of inequalities.

For more information, two issues of Insee première:

  • Young people and low-income households, overestimate more often the comfort of their homes
  • The comfort is improving, but not for all

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