The theatre lovers. A game with multiple scenes

The theatre lovers. A game on several stages. A book of Thomas Morinière (Editions du Croquant, 2007, 222 p, 22€)

The theatre lovers is the result of an ethnographic survey carried out by Thomas Morinière in a village located at the outskirts of the town of Cholet, la Séguinière. This joint is the place of deployment is a practice of amateur theatre regular, investing members of the municipality in the realization of the session and variety in the staging of pieces of theatre. The Séguinière, the theatre occupies both adults and children. For the latter, the practice is more formalized, more institutionalized, as it takes effect in the context of theatre courses.

When we speak of theatre, the inclination first of the sociologist is to think from an issue of cultural domination from the sociology of Bourdieu. So when Thomas Morinière, the author of the book is witnessing the end of the school holidays at a session of the varieties to the Séguinière, it is in these terms there that it analyzes the spectacle which is offered to him. The members of the commune on the stage do not hesitate to disregard the injunctions of cultural legitimacy and their performance seems to indicate a high degree assumed of self-deprecating humor. This session of the varieties is played as the testing of the model of cultural domination : the lovers do not hesitate to expose himself in front of a public knowledge, even though their practice may go under the sieve to the indignity of artistic and cultural. It is this issue that T. Morinière will give up and opt for a careful analysis of the local scene of deployment of the practices of theatre, in the sense that it was for the actors, their practice of amateur theatre.

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