the Wonder of wonder: liberation in the course of methodology

Sometimes students are tranquilizers. Only today occurred to them to tell me that the things that we were seeing in methodology had already seen and why we don’t centrábamos in the design of instruments.

And then the reaction: ¡Viva! O wonder of wonders!

In a single act, will solve all my problems with the course. There’s nothing of the things standard methodology, ‘the book’, which are the things that I do not appear to be relevant, in that I don’t think, and that was only happening because I think that you will ever have to go through the book. But the book had already been passed.

So the idea is to dedicate yourself to the things that are of interest, how effectively you are constructing a questionnaire, where clearly the book is not so much what it contributes and what is of interest is the effective practice.

The things of design or sample can be reduced, then, to review what minimum and take advantage of moving the emphasis that interest me. For example, not to engage in wasting time on random sample, stratified, calculation of error shown. But focus on the real problems of how the sample is drawn, how do I get randomness in samples, phone calls, the real issues of weight etc

Not this having been a very nice week in general, at least that was good.

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