The youth before their insertion in the society

La juventud ante su inserción en la sociedad

The youth before their insertion in the society

Attitudes and demands in relation to the school.

An approach to the causes of early school leaving

Colectivo Ioé

(Carlos Pereda, Walter Actis and Miguel Angel de Prada)

Center of Publications. Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport


The present study provides a general overview of the youth in Spain and his relationship with the school in the current context of crisis. To do this, use is made of the main statistical indicators existing data (demographics, employment, education) and explore the discourses of youth through the qualitative methodology of the group discussion. The overall assessment is that the crisis that started in 2008 has impacted very directly in the emancipation work and residential population of young people as in the role of the school in this process. The study arises from the need to periodically evaluate the role played by the various agents that are present in the school, in this case the segment of the population between 15 and 29 years, which is situated in the critical moment of transition between the educational system and the achievement of autonomy, work and family. This is a follow-up study of the recently carried out to explore the discourses of families, focusing on the role played by parents in the socialization processes of children and youth, and explored particularly their representations and demands in relation to the school.

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