there’s nothing like Beethoven

Officially, I had thought to write of other things -about, finally, have a good structure for a course of consumption, to compare definitions, historical and sociological of ‘modernity’, and critique the theory of the collapse of Tainter, that it is interesting that the song last for 4 minutes and the TV programs last for 30-1 hour and the movie lasts 2 and other things – but, in the end, I had to surrender to the evidence: there is like Beethoven.

To test, and as always using Youtube, the Quartet Hagen playing the Op 135 (first movement):

And the other movements: Second, third and fourth (the difficult decision, and yes, it Is muss sein! Is muss sein!)

And if it still requires another test, the Alban Berg playing the Grosse Fuge: the First part:

And the second part (the division was only for reasons related to Youtube I imagine, because it is a just movement)

Unfortunately I cannot find the slow movement of Op 132, the Heiliger Dankgesang: “the Song Sacra of Thanks from a Convalescent, in the Lydian”, which is impressive even for Beethoven, and it would have been interesting, at least to show the range that dominated. But, in the end. At least something is something, and there is little music to compare his string quartets (*)

(*) Is a sample of what is to become jaded that one puts on the fact that my first idea was to put links to nearly all the quartets. And that, in fact, meant that in fact could be on Youtube. On the other laod, is a sample of the possibilities of the time, even looking for something as strange as the quartets of Beethoven on Youtube you will find several (there’s even some other of the Op 18 for which you want to search)

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