Three moments in the social theory contemporary.

The title of the paper attached to this entry is something more complex than that of this entry: Structure-in-Actor, Structure-and-Actor and Theories Relational. 3 Moments of Social Theory in the last decades.

The summary will explain a little more that it is:

In the diaspora theoretical after the fall of functionalism were observed attempts of synthesis theory that attempted to resolve the discomfort on the dichotomy of action and structure. It is possible to understand the evolution theory as the successive exploration of alternatives to resolve this antinomy. In a first moment (Bourdieu and Giddens) are the attempts to solve by placing the structure in the actor (and the actor in the structure). A second time (Margaret Archer) explore maintain both structure and action as elements distinct but related. The third stage is the exploration of a perspective is relational in that they emphasize the notion of network. Although you can’t argue that these three moments will be overcome among themselves, representing a trajectory with a sense of the social theory.

This was originally a paper submitted and accepted at the I Latin american Congress of Social Theory (to which, by those things of life, I was not able to attend finally). And then to not to miss, the link here:

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