Tomorrow, 18h, conference Pascale Trumpet

Cycle of conferences ” in The course of the work of the social sciences “

The market of the dead Easter TRUMPET

Thursday 17 December 2009 to 18 hours in room F005 at the Ens-Lsh (Lyon, metro B stop Debourg)

The sector of a funeral director, French has entered the sphere of the competitive market since the law Sweat of 1993, after two centuries of regulated monopoly. It is an exemplary case that allows you to analyze the historical construction process and policy for the establishment of a public service competitive in a field to the issues of citizenship and strong social, between State, Church and private contractors. Contribution to the renewal of economic sociology, contemporary, the work of Pascale Trompette analysis of the concrete functioning of this market through study of competitive practices, rules and regulation of the service relationship in a domain marked by the weight of the sacred and the relationship to the intimate.

Pascale Trompette is director of research in sociology at the CNRS, and a member of the laboratory Pacte-Political Organizations at the University of Grenoble. She has published The market of the dead in 2008 at the Presses of Sciences Po.

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