Too much of the molecule, little sociology

Source: | By José Luis de la Serna | Javier Beneytez (video)


Demasiada molécula, poca sociologíaIn all developed countries, and the majority of those who are still in the process of doing so, people are dying prematurely due to two reasons. We have repeated many times: the disease, cardio-cerebral vascular origin and cancer.

Are two problems closely related to habits of life. Are diseases more dependent on individual behaviors, and the environment that surrounds us, that of the genes in our cells.

The world spends impressive figures of money for research in biomedicine. According, it is necessary to deepen everything you can on the biology, physiology, pharmacology, genetics, privacy, molecular -and even – atomic of each disease. Without these previous steps, there is no way of finding effective remedies for when the health is lost for one reason or another.

But it is also kafkaesque that, knowing that the styles of life marked of transcendental form the crossroads between the path that leads unfailingly to get sick or the one that takes us away for a long time of she, has been investigated so little in how to do health promotion. We are filled the mouth speaking of deep research, translational and hundreds of publications in journals of significant impact. Thousands of millions of euros to subsidize knowledge, certainly very remarkable, but which do not respond to some questions, on the other hand, basic.

One of them would be: How is it possible that human beings have behaviors as self-destructive and ignore the health you have to treat it and much? What is the right thing to do to lessen the greater risk factor of getting sick, which is ignorance, and so take the first step to a proactive individual to decrease risks?

This is a challenge that requires an investigation, because to investigate is to try to figure out what is ignored. As not to consider the promoting health as something as necessary as curing cancer or atherosclerosis never get to overcome these two threats.

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Published in the June 8, 2012

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