Truths and lies about climate change

Verdades y mentiras sobre el cambio climático

Source: CEMAV, Center of Design and Production of Audiovisual Media, of the UNED.


In December 2009 we held the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, where the powers most important of the planet, gathered once again in order to re-reflect on the environmental issue. The UNED, as a center of knowledge, and from his professorial Chair of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development, echoed this situation, as many indicate, it is already, of extreme gravity.

This story received the Audience Award for Best Programme, awarded by ATEI, in the I Latin American exhibition of Educational Tv Programs.



Technical data sheet CHANNEL-UNED:

  • Title: Truths and lies about the climate change.
  • Television program.
  • Issue date: 15-01-2010 it
  • Duration: 21’ 23’
  • Involved:
    • María Novo Villaverde, Director of the UNESCO Chair of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development, UNED.
    • Fritz Hesselink, Consultant Specializing in Sustainable Development.
  • Production and realization: CEMAV

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