Utopias and feminist experiments in urban

Utopias and feminist experiments in urban, work under the direction of Sylvette Denèfle (Presses universitaires de Rennes, coll. “Social geography “, 2009)

The urban space is a space that is gendered, where the social differences between the sexes express all of their dimensions : this is the nodal point of this book of collective Utopias and feminist experiments in urban, resulting from a colloquium of the same name which was held in Tours in 2006, led by Sylvette Denèfle. Born of this dissatisfaction, this book aims to deepen the question of the place of women in the city, to demonstrate the gender dimension of the city, which cannot be shadowed by an apprehension of the urban developments and social : the city encourages the “dreams equal feminisms” or, on the contrary, manifest the immutability of the gendered dimension ? It was a question for the authors here assemble to question the experiments planning, the educational experiences that urban planners and policy makers have focused in a few large municipalities in france. The utopias of the time distant, utopias, literary dreams of women activists in France and elsewhere in Europe, the book Utopias and feminist experiments in urban offers a course combining research and knowledge academic of ancient ideas and experiments in the more recent past.

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