What is another way to say interpersonal skills?

What is another way to say interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills, also known as people skills, soft skills, or emotional intelligence, are related to the way you communicate and interact with others.

What’s another word for social skills?

What is another word for social skills?

people skills interpersonal skills
communication skills soft skills
smarts shrewdness
savvy experience
fundamentals basic skills

What is a better word for skills?

What is another word for skills?

abilities talents
expertise prowess
competence dexterity
gift proficiency
savvy aptitude

What is another word for skills on a resume?

Synonyms for ‘Skill’ or ‘Skills’ Ability / abilities. Competence / competency / competencies. Capability / capabilities. Aptitude.

What is another name for soft skills?

2. EQ: “Emotional intelligence quotient” is the technical term for soft skills.

What are the most important skills for leadership?

The ten most important leadership qualities

  1. Communication. The ability to communicate is deemed an important leadership quality by many.
  2. Set a good example.
  3. Readiness to take on and give up responsibility.
  4. Motivation.
  5. Recognise and foster potential.
  6. Tolerate mistakes.
  7. Flexibility.
  8. Set goals and expectations.

How do I write about my strengths?


  1. I consider my leadership skills to be one of my greatest strengths.
  2. Thanks to my experience as an HR representative, I have gained excellent communication skills.
  3. I have 5 years of experience as a copywriter and consider myself to have strong writing skills.
  4. I am very honest.
  5. My people skills are my greatest strength.

What are key strengths?

What are key strengths? Key strengths include knowledge-based skills, transferable skills and personal traits. Transferable skills are soft skills that are applicable in most situations, such as communication and problem-solving. Personal traits are your unique qualities, such as accountability and punctuality.

How do you describe staff strength?

Some common employee strengths include loyalty, hard work ethic, humor, flexibility, ambition, excellent written communication, excellent verbal communication, creativity, tech-savvy, thinking outside of the box, strong interpersonal skills, persuasiveness and industry-specific skills and knowledge.

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