What is Cisolog?

A espa publication for and by the knowledge sociological

¿Qué es Cisolog?

Cisolog is a weblog to promote the knowledge and dissemination of the Sociology and the social dimension that are as approach to other disciplines with which it relates to and complements the study of the social reality.

The main objective is to condense and classify all kinds of resources (articles, essays, interviews, news, broadcast events, audio-visual material, documents, publications, publishing, training, utilities, directory, classified links, etc) to make them available to anyone who has any interest in Sociology: from teachers to students, from professionals to those who approach for the first time the sociological knowledge. The content is oriented to the social knowledge, even if it comes from other disciplines (Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Education, Biology, etc) that is shared with Sociology a space for an interdisciplinary for the study of those more concrete aspects of the social reality.

It is the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge about the various dimensions of social life; that is to say the intelligence sociological of the human reality, as it is called in the sociologist Salvador Giner (Sociology). In post of such “intelligence” and to attain true knowledge of the social reality, the social scientist at once ’subject’ and ‘object’ of observation, it will be necessary, as he says Edgar Morin (seven complex lessons in education for the future), the development of metapuntos of view that allow for reflexivity and the integration of the observer-conceptualizador in the observation-conception.

Since the social reality is never flat (allows a multitude of approaches) and the study of it is inexhaustible (the social reality is changing: the perspective of socio-historical), we are forced to navigate always in an ocean of uncertainties that has to be deciphered. Hence the appointment of Morin in the header of the weblog which has been converted into the slogan of Cisolog:

The knowledge is to navigate in an ocean of uncertainties through archipelagos of certainties. (Edgar Morin, 1999)


This weblog has been developed with WordPress (CMS open source). From here, Cisolog gives thanks to Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress), and your team, as well as all those third-party developers of APIs and themes that contribute to improving the CMS, as Syahir Hakim, creator of the theme Graphene, which has been used for this weblog.

Some of the content (articles, news, chronicles, etc) of this weblog are reproduced as they have been published in other media (or with small modifications to adapt them to the context in which they reproduce), whose original sources and authors are always cited. The reproduction of such contents, whether they are licensed under a copyright or copyleft, is made in this weblog with the sole objective to concentrate and disseminate information of interest sociological, and without any commercial interest. In any case Cisolog intended to incur plagiarism or violate the intellectual property rights that may be harmful to the owners of such rights, only to disseminate them with the aim of fostering the sociological knowledge.

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