What is Citymail?

What is Citymail?

Citymail is a student e-mail system based on Outlook Live Exchange, which is the most-used Webmail service in the world. Citymail provides current students with a set of communications and collaboration services, such as e-mail, shared calendar, Skydrive, mobile access and address book.

How do I log into my CUNY email?

Go to www.office.com, click on Sign In. 2. Type in your email address: CUNYFirst [email protected] 3. Type in your CUNYFirst password, click on Sign in.

How do I set up a CUNY email?

Configure your email with Exchange Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account Select Microsoft Exchange Enter your student email address ([email protected] and password) Put in your Description if desired. Press Next.

What is CUNY email?

If you are a CUNY student and/or employee, your CUNY Login account username will be in the format [email protected], where “NN” is the last 2+ digits of your CUNY EMPLID. If you are a guest user, your CUNY Login account username will be the one you set in the CUNY Portal.

How do I know if I got accepted to CUNY?

Go to https://home.cunyfirst.cuny.edu. Enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, on the left hand side under “CUNYfirst Menu” click ‘Student Center’ Scroll down to the ‘Admissions’ section and click ‘View Details’

What is a Wu grade in CUNY?

A non-punitive grade assigned to students who never attended and did not officially withdraw. WU. Unofficial Withdrawal. Indicates that the student attended a minimum of one class, completely stopped attending at any time before final exam week, and did not officially withdraw.

Is D passing in CUNY?

The outstanding work must be completed by end of the following fall or spring semester. If the work is not completed by the end of the following semester, the INC is converted to a permanent grade of F on the record….Grading Policies – Undergraduate.

Letter Grade Ranges % GPA
C 73 – 76.9 2
C- 70 – 72.9 1.7
D 60 – 69.9 1
F < 60 0

Is a 60 passing in Texas?

Most colleges still award passing credit for a grade of D, and a college D usually denotes a numerical average of 60 to 69. So why do Texas K-12 schools persist in inflating the value of a D to 70-74? It’s time for Texas to admit its error.

Is a 70 passing in Texas?

Currently, 90-100 is the letter grade “A,” 80-89 is a “B,” 75-79 is a “C” and 70-74 is a “D.” A failing grade is anything below 70. He is not happy with the new grading scale.

What is 58 out of 100 as a grade?


What is a 75% grade?

Letter Grade Percentage Range Mid-Range
A+ 90% to 100% 95%
A 80% to 89% 85%
B+ 75% to 79% 77.5%
B 70% to 74% 72.5%

What is a 65 grade in high school?

High School Grading Scale

Lesson Grade (%) Letter Equivalent Rating
90-100 A Excellent
80-89 B Good
70-79 C Average
65-69 D Passing

Is a 75 a bad grade?

The average grade is 86 or 87, so 75 is pretty bad. In this instance, a B average (or a 3.0 GPA) would be considered a great accomplishment.

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