What is the most common Hogwarts house to be sorted into?

What is the most common Hogwarts house to be sorted into?


How do you get sorted again in wizarding world?

You can! You can either make another account, or re-sort on the Pottermore app….

  1. go to the my account menu.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. Below support there is an option to delete your account.
  4. After deleting it create a new account with the same email.
  5. Take the quiz again and again for as long as you need.

How are students sorted at Hogwarts?

Each year when the First Year students arrive at Hogwarts, they undergo a ceremony to sort them into one of the Four Houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. It is done through the use of the famous Hogwarts Sorting Hat (PS7).

What is the hardest Hogwarts house to get into?


What is the rarest house in Harry Potter?

Do Slytherins hate ravenclaws?

Slytherin – Ravenclaw Slytherins are generally distrusted by Ravenclaws, who are in turn accused of being excessively competitive and bookish: Well, you’ve probably heard about the Slytherins. They’re not all bad, but you’d do well to be on your guard until you know them well.

Can ravenclaws be evil?

An evil Ravenclaw is your run-of-the-mill mad scientist. They could definitely do a lot of damage if their research is not checked with ethical limits, but their hobbies are typically solitary endeavors so whatever abomination they’ve created will typically be an isolated problem.

Are slytherins smarter than ravenclaws?

Ravenclaws are defined by their cleverness, but the ambitious nature of Slytherins means that they can also be very intelligent and driven to excel in academics. Conversely, you can argue that it is possible to be a “dumb” Ravenclaw.

Can a Slytherin date a Ravenclaw?

All in all, a relationship between a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw is a delicate balancing act that requires compromise. If they can learn to navigate one another’s needs and goals, however, they’ll be a power couple the likes of which Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston could only dream of.

Can a Hufflepuff date a Slytherin?

Gentle Hufflepuff may seem like an odd match with cunning Slytherin, but that’s not to say these two couldn’t work out. In fact, a Slytherin could give their Hufflepuff partner the confidence and encouragement they need to pursue their dreams.

Can a Gryffindor date a Ravenclaw?

Gryffindors make a good match for each other, as clearly evidenced by Ron and Hermione. A Gryffindor-Ravenclaw match produce a balanced relationship, but a Gryffindor may be put off by a Ravenclaw’s risk-averse and independent demeanor.

Are gryffindors honest?

Gryffindors are capable of being honest with you, because they’re courageous. But the reason they do it is because they care about you. ‘There are all kinds of courage,’ said Dumbledore, smiling.

Why does no one like Hufflepuff?

It’s not like Hufflepuff doesn’t have good qualities, it’s just being hard working doesn’t sound as glamorous as courage, cunning, and wit. The other thing is there’s a limited number of Hufflepuff characters. Tonks is but it’s never stated in the books. So it’s just Cedric in terms of great characters from Hufflepuff.

Which Hogwarts house is the strongest?


Are there evil hufflepuffs?

Yes, Hufflepuff dark wizards likely exist. In an interview, JKR confirms that there are people connected with Death Eaters in the houses other than Slytherin, and does not in any way attempt to specifically exclude Hufflepuff.

What careers best suit a Ravenclaw?

Ravenclaw would be teachers, librarians (only sort of), bankers, some scientists (different kinds also apply for Gryffindor but mostly Hufflepuff), doctors, architects and lawyers.

Who is the most famous Ravenclaw?

Famous Ravenclaws through the ages

  • Rowena Ravenclaw. ‘Fair Ravenclaw, from glen’ was one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, known for her outstanding intelligence and creativity.
  • Luna Lovegood.
  • Garrick Ollivander.

Is Ravenclaw better than Gryffindor?

If you have qualities of Gryffindor and Slytherin, but you care more about being brave than ambitious, choose Gryffindor. If you’re intelligent and loyal, but you care more for intelligence, choose Ravenclaw.

Why you should fall in love with a Ravenclaw?

They’re unashamed of their cleverness, proud to be part of a house that values it, and eager to share their knowledge with as many other people as will listen. Such intellectual curiosity makes Ravenclaws extremely interesting partners, and – who knows – they might spur you on to greater feats of discovery, too.

What is JK Rowling’s favorite Hogwarts house?

Is it bad to be a Slytherin?

Yes, Slytherins could be snide and cruel, as Harry Potter can vouch. But we think being a Slytherin does not necessarily make someone a bad person. To us, Draco is proof that Slytherin was not a breeding ground for evil and Dark wizards, but wizards full of flaws and desires just like anyone else.

Why you should date a Slytherin?

As the partner of a Slytherin, you could probably help them channel this ambition in more appropriate ways. Say, excelling in a chosen career rather than excelling in bloodshed. To paraphrase Dumbledore, there’s always a choice, and you could help your Slytherin make the right ones.

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