What the right doesn’t understand the Chile current

In the Third of yesterday Sunday, April 8, Axel Buchheiser argues that, in relation to the crisis of Aysén, but in general the situation in the country, one might well think, one of the central themes is: ‘Is that has been left to spread the culture, which is foreign to the ideas of the centre-right, that everything is given, and solves the State. Not defending the model and accept the prescriptions of others as a apology’ (here the link). So yes people will be convinced of these ideas then do not sue what that would require.

Crass error. The people listened to the ideas of the model (for several decades that has been the official voice). And in fact heard that the model was what worked. He listened to and followed the personal consequences: If you work and you strive will go well for you; if your children are studying them you will be fine. What we see now is simply the collection of those promises, which ultimately is not expected to be met. It is because those ideas have already heard and accepted that the collections that are made in the present.

In fact, listening to it was far beyond. For a long time were told that they were consumers, and not citizens; that what is good, proper, and suitable was to be a consumer. They are praised because, as consumers, were gaining a greater voice, less loyalty, more willing to claim for bad products. More assertive. All you are doing now is to fill those same attitudes and practices in another area. What criticism is that ‘the expression “negotiation” would not be more than a euphemism’? But consumers don’t negotiate: demand, claim and demand; and if not, change it. And the fact of not being able to be changed is the maximum evil-monopoly.

What is forgotten is that the situation in the Chile of today is the product of decades of application of the model, in that the population -without accepting the fund probably (is not that now cunda the idea that the State is a solution, he was always there)- yes followed it, and behaved according to what was said. They believed in the promises kept. What is rare is that those promises are now charged?

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