When the sociologist deals of popular culture

Two quotes from the article by Dominique Pasquier “The popular culture to the test of debate sociologioques” (Hermes, 2005, 42) to open a reflection on the relation of the sociologist to the ” popular “.

“The sociologist legitimist believes that the popular classes are dumb because he does not know that he is deaf ; it is on their silence, assumed that he began his lament pessimistic. “

Claude Grignon, “the savant and the popular”1, Politix, n° 13, 1991

“The cult of “popular culture” is, often, an inversion in verbal and of no effect, therefore, falsely revolutionary, racism, class which reduces popular practices to barbarism or vulgarity: such as some celebrations of femininity only serve to reinforce the male domination, in this way ultimately very

comfortable, adhere to the “people,” which, under the appearance of exalting, helps to enclose it or to sink into what it is by converting the deprivation in a selection or in performing elective, provides all of the benefits of an ostentation of generosity subversive and paradoxical, while leaving things in the state, each with their culture or their language)

actually cultivated, and capable of absorbing its own subversion distinguished, the other with their culture or language devoid of any social value or prone to sudden devaluations that rehabilitates fictitiously by a simple false theoretical “

Pierre Bourdieu, Méditations pascaliennes, 1997

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