Who are the important characters in the poem Casey at the bat?

Who are the important characters in the poem Casey at the bat?


  • Blake.
  • Casey.
  • Cooney.
  • Jimmy Flynn.
  • Pitcher.
  • Umpire.
  • Ladies from the Stand.

How would you classify the poem Casey at the bat?

Thayer titles this poem a ballad, or a love song. Not only is it a love song to the dramatic sport of baseball, but it is a ballad to ‘the Republic in 1888’. In other words, it sings the praises of United States culture. The poem follows a simple AABB format, where each verse has four lines.

How does Thayer show the reader what Casey’s personality is like?

How does Thayer show the reader what Casey’s personality is like? Give 2 examples. -Casey is an overly confident player as the poem says, “There was ease in Casey’s manneras he stepped into his place.” The poem tells us that she showed no fear when approaching the bat but only showed confidence.

Is Casey at the Bat a narrative poem?

Just as any other story, a narrative poem has characters, a plot, and a setting. Crowd Pleaser After graduation, Thayer joined the staff of the San Francisco Examiner, where in 1887 he began writing a poem for each Sunday issue. “Casey at the Bat” was first printed in the paper in 1888.

Is Mudville a real place?

Synopsis. A baseball team from the fictional town of “Mudville” (the home team) is losing by two runs in its last inning. Both the team and its fans, a crowd of 5,000, believe that they can win if Casey, Mudville’s star player, gets to bat.

What does a hugging third mean?

Which bases were the players on? Jimmy was at 2nd and Flynn was at 3rd. What does ‘a-hugging third’ mean? He ran there when Jimmy got his hit, barely got to the base.

What does Lulu mean in baseball?

unskilled player

How do stanzas 12 13 contribute to the theme of Casey at the bat?

Answer: The description of Casey’s changed attitude continues at the beginning of stanza 12. The stanzas contribute to the theme that too much pride can lead to failure, or that one shouldn’t depend on overconfidence.

How did the crowd react when Casey advanced to the bat?

The crowd was going crazy because Casey was up to bat. The crowd was crazy because Casey struck out. 5,000 throats rose a dusty yell. What is a good summary of the 8th stanza?

How does the crowd feel about Casey?

Terms in this set (15) The crowd of Mudville is watching Casey play baseball. As Casey stepped to the bat, he feels confident and calm. The people watching the game felt that Casey could help the Mudville team win.

How does Casey approach the last pitch?

Casey approaches the plate with a smile and responds to all the cheers of the crowd. Again, the crowd turns angry, but a scornful look from Casey and they all simmer down. The final pitch is thrown, and Casey swings with all his might, but strikes out and leaves all of Mudville unhappy.

What is the mood of the poem Casey at the bat?

Mood/Tone-At the beginning the mood is abandonment of hope, once Casey comes to bat the mood shifts to excitement and anxiety at the end of the poem disappointment and the feeling of resentment.

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